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Communications solutions for senior housing and related industries.

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Private, Safe and Reliable

Your community has chosen to share updates with you about their current status. Unlike the community marketing website, is a private, safe and reliable place to get up-to-date, accurate information about your community’s situation. is the only authorized source where all published facts and information are complete and updated in real-time as approved and verified by management and outside sources.

As in all evolving situations, facts may change, directions can morph, or new information can modify an anticipated outcome. We make every effort to assure the user that published material on this website is accurate as of the time it is published. However, any changes or modifications that may arise that change the course of the published content are beyond the control of management and its partners.

As a user of this private platform, you agree not to copy, forward or share the information from this website. Access to client pages is restricted to those who have been given the url for their personal use. You may direct interested people to the website, where they too may sign in to obtain accurate information about your community’s concerns. is created and managed by IVY Marketing Group, Inc. a public relations, crisis management, and marketing agency serving senior housing and services since 1990.